The Haves - >>X<< Part 1

Here is the first half of the 2cd best-of set in honor of the band X, pithily entitled "Make The Music Go Bang".

"Los Angeles" was the first "punk rock" record I ever bought and they have been one of my favorite bands since, throughout all their phases. They were, I think, one of the first truly "Americana" type bands, mixing punk, rockabilly and kitsch in a way that had never done before.
I have been having a hard time uploading the second cd thru sharebee or zshare, so i think i will try it again tomorrow through a different service. Enjoy, people all over the world (and you know who you are). (And leave a message why don't you??).

John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom,DJ Bonebreak are:



1 Adult Books (Single Version) (3:14)
2 We're Desperate (Single Version) (2:03)
3 Angeles (2:24)
4 Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not (2:25)
5 Johny Hit and Run Pauline (2:50)
6 Soul Kitchen (2:26)
7 World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss (4:28)
8 Unheard Music (4:45)
9 White Girl (Single Mix) (3:29)
10 Once Over Twice (2:31)
11 Universal Corner (4:33)
12 Some Other Time (2:17)
13 In This House That I Call Home (3:33)
14 Beyond and Back (Live) (2:41)
15 Riding With Mary (Single Version) (3:12)
16 Hungry Wolf (3:47)
17 Motel Room in My Bed (2:41)
18 Blue Spark (2:08)
19 Have Nots (4:46)
20 Under the Big Black Sun (3:24)
21 New World (3:25)
22 Breathless (2:19)
23 We're Having Much More Fun (3:08)
24 True Love (2:15)
25 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (4:15)



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