Concepts in Unity

I have wanted to post this album (well, double album, actually) for a long time, since it is one of my favorite NYC salsa ouvres, a bonified classic, and pretty hard to find, I believe. It is the first of two releases from a supergroup of sorts, featuring, among many, the great Cuban trumpetplayer, Alfredo “Chocolate” Armenteros.

Recorded undubbed in just two days in April of 1975, ladies and gents, I offer you, El Grupo Folklórico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino:

1. Cuba Linda
2. Choco's Guajira
3. Anabocoa - Grupo Folklorico y Experimento
4. Adelaida
5. Canto Asoyin - Grupo Folklorico y Experimento
6. Carmen la Ronca
7. Luz Delia - Grupo Folklorico y Experimento
8. Canto Ebioso
9. Papa y Mama
10. Iya Modupue

P.S: you can also find this cd as well as their second cd, HERE!!!:


  1. Thanks a lot for this one, I've been looking for it forever!

  2. for me a tainted irish kid from bklyn this is what living in nyc was all about...everything and anything was possible Miles wouldnt have been Miles without the pulse the beat like the ones found here on this lp and on the streets this is one of those keepers i've had it really needs to be heard thanks

  3. Lestp - i am really happy that you found this here!! I know how it is when I find something I have been hunting down for ages, so it's cool to be the "facilitator"!! You can find the second lp at:

    And thanks so much for your comments, anonymous, they totally ring true, and i agree, miles without NYC wouldn't have been Miles.