Candy Man

I've been messing round trying to learn how to play fingerstyle blues, so I thought I may as well put up some music by the master of the style, as well as a master storyteller:


1.Pay Day
2.I'm Satisfied
3.Candy Man
4.Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor
5.Talking Casey
6.Corrinna Corrinna
7.Coffee Blues
8.Louis Collins
9.Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
10.If You Don't Want Me Baby
11.Spike Driver's Blues
12.Beulah Land

1. Since I've Laid Burden Down
2. Moaning the Blues
3. Stocktime (Buck Dance)
4. Lazy Blues
5. Richland Woman Blues
6. Wise and Foolish Virgins (Tender Virgins)
7. Hop Joint
8. Monday Morning Blues
9. I've Got the Blues and I Can't Be Satisfied
10. Keep on Knocking
11. Chicken, The
12. Stagolee
13. Nearer My God to Thee

1. Ain't No Tellin'
2. Stack O Lee Blues
3. Candy Man Blues
4. Spike Driver Blues
5. Avalon Blues
6. Louis Collins
7. Frankie
8. Big Leg Blues
9. Nobody's Dirty Business
10. Got the Blues, Can't Be Satisfied
11. Blessed Be the Name
12. Blue Harvest Blues
13. Praying on the Old Camp Ground