Here are the two first (and only?) albums by the Selecter, an 80's secondwave ska band who, along with the Specials, ran the Two Tone Records label. They didn't meet with as much success as their labelmates, but they were still a great band, for what they were. Distinctive for Pauline Black's great vocals, when the majority of the leading two tone ska groups had male vocals, these albums come from a very specific time and place, namely, 80's Britain. Although these albums do sound a bit dated and didn't age as well as I once expected, I still listen to them quite a bit, and perhaps so will you!!


A side
Three Minute Hero
They Make Me Mad
Missing Words
Street Feeling
My Collie (Not a Dog)

B side
On My Radio
Too Much Pressure
Out on the Streets
Carry Go Bring Come
Black and Blue
James Bond


  1. Celebrate The Bullet
  2. Red Reflections
  3. Who Likes Facing Situations
  4. Tell Me What's Wrong
  5. Bomb Scare
  6. Washed Up & Left For Dead
  7. Selling Out Your Future
  8. Deep Water
  9. Cool Blue Lady
  10. Their Dream Goes On Bristol & Miami

Revalushan Rock

Ok so I figured before I lose the 10 or so regulars who never leave a message (hint hint) but do seem to check back once in a while, I'd better put somethin new up!! So here it is, point blank, without any of the bla bla, no nice lil picture: The Clash's rehearsal tapes in preparation for "London Calling", aka,

As a bonus, here is a clip with the boys running through "Louie Louie" instrumentally as well as London Calling producer, and ex-Mott-the-Hoople, Guy Stevens going bonkers with a chair.