The Have-Nots: >>X<< Part 2

Ok, so finally, I was able to upload cd2 through! X's Billy Zoom was always one of my guitar heroes. He was the baddest of the bad and the coolest of the cool, to quote Run DMC!! I even got a guitar that was the closest approximation to his Gretsch (that i could afford), a silver sparked Silverjet. Mine is a Dearmond, sparkle blue, big bigsby tremolo.

This is Billy with his Silverjet:

This is my Dearmond without me! :

Not too shabby, buddy!

Ok, and now, what you're really here for, the music:


26 (CD 2) Wild Thing (7" Single Edit) (3:33)
27 (CD 2) Poor Girl (2:53)
28 (CD 2) Call of the Wreckin' Ball (2:57)
29 (CD 2) Someone Like You (2:42)
30 (CD 2) What's Wrong With Me... (3:45)
31 (CD 2) Burning House of Love (3:55)
32 (CD 2) My Goodness (4:37)
33 (CD 2) 4th of July (4:06)
34 (CD 2) You (3:30)
35 (CD 2) When It Rains... (4:33)
36 (CD 2) Surprise Surprise (2:52)
37 (CD 2) I'm Lost (2:57)
38 (CD 2) See How We Are (3:49)
39 (CD 2) Skin Deep Town (Live) (3:19)
40 (CD 2) Around My Heart (Live) (4:26)
41 (CD 2) Just Another Perfect Day (Live) (4:34)
42 (CD 2) Devil Doll (Live) (4:39)
43 (CD 2) Big Blue House (4:05)
44 (CD 2) Clean Like Tomorrow (3:58)
45 (CD 2) Country at War (4:15)
46 (CD 2) New Life (3:24)


  1. Beautiful! I'd have never dreamed, back in 1982, that X could possibly become as relatively unknown as they have by now. Then again, so have most of the other bands from that period.

    My how time flies...

    Thanks for this great collection!

  2. could you please re-post?

  3. I will repost on the weekend, because i have to locate the original file. Thanks for checking out my blog!!

  4. That's great,thanks! If you could upload on Rapidshare or Megaupload that would be awesome! Great site.

  5. Hi, Juan !!
    Did you ever get around to re-posting this second disc ? Can't seem to find it anywhere !! I'm sure there are many of us who would appreciate it if you could upload it again.
    Thanks, in advance.