The Odd Couple

“Jon just works. He doesn’t sleep. He’s like a bat,” says songwriter Richard Buckner, who Langford lured to Chicago to help record an album. “He’s a pure, sweet guy, and I think his art is pure.”

A match made in purgarory..

These are two of my favorite artists doing a very unexpected one-off collaboration.

Mekon Jon Langford and Devotion and Doubt Richard Buckner get together in Sally Timm's pad to lay down some tunage.

Like Ruben Blades said, "La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida, Ay Dios!"..

I debated on whether or not to post this, but I decided I would since it's a tough-to-find cd, particularly for us thirld-world types.

That being said, please, please, PLEASE:

BUY the cd if you hear this and do enjoy it.


Thanks for having me back. enjoy.

1. Rolling Of The Eyes (Buckner/Langford)
2. Nothing To Show (Langford)
3. Sweet Anybody (Buckner)
4. From Attic to Basement (Langford)
5. Torn Apart (Langford)
6. Stayed (Buckner)
7. The Inca Princess (Buckner/Langford/Rice/Odom)
8. No Tears Tonight (Buckner/Langford)
9. Do You Wanna Go Somewhere? (Buckner)

Why Obama, by Jon Langford

Little Boy Blue

This here is one of my very favorite records of all of what we call time.

Bobby "Blue" Bland grew up in Memphis, and for a long time he and BB King played together. As a solo artist, he developed a style that was as much soul as it was blues, going from a smooth, Hammondlaced groove to a throatripping scream in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, this is, imho, his bestest of the bestest!! Standouts: Little Boy Blue, St. James Infirmary, I'll take care of you.

Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, surprisingly recorded a tribute to Bobby, which is his new album an his first solo project. It's a very interesting modern-day take on his songs. A little too clean, but worthwhile nonetheless. There's a youtube clip about that after the cut.

  1. "Two Steps From the Blues" – 2:34
  2. "Cry Cry Cry" – 2:43
  3. "I'm Not Ashamed" – 2:36
  4. "Don't Cry No More" – 2:28
  5. "Lead Me On" – 2:06
  6. "I Pity the Fool" – 2:44
  7. "I've Got to Forget You" – 2:34
  8. "Little Boy Blue" – 2:40
  9. "St James Infirmary" – 2:26
  10. "I'll Take Care of You" – 2:26
  11. "I Don't Want No Woman" – 2:40
  12. "I've Been Wrong So Long" – 2:19

Risque Rhythm

Ok, back at you again! Thanks for the couple of notes that I received. It's because of you that i am making this attempt again! I know it sounds childish and insecure (which i am both!) but i like to feel like there's actually SOMEBODY there behind the blinking glass...

Well, to start up with anew, here are some ace jump blues that is naughty, naughty, and therefore all the better.


1. Big Ten-Inch Record - Moose Jackson
2. Big Long Slidin' Thing - Dinah Washington
3. Laundromat Blues - The '5' Royales
4. The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out) - The Jesse Powell Orchestra
5. Wasn't That Good - Wynonie Harris
6. Butcher Pete-Pt. 1 - Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men
7. It Ain't The Meat - The Swallows
8. Sixty-Minute Man - The Dominoes
9. Lemon Squeezing Daddy - The Sultans
10. Work With Me Annie - The Royals
11. Keep On Churnin' - Wynonie Harris
12. Silent George - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra
13. Long John Blues - Dinah Washington
14. Mountain Oysters - Eddis Davis
15. My Man Stands Out - Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
16. Toy Bell - The Bees
17. Rocket 69 - Todd Rhodes & Orchestra
18. (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box - The Toppers With Orchestra