True to form, my first new post is a few days late. Oh well.

Today's goodies come from The Pogues.

These gents (and lady, occasionally) play Irish folk music with punk abandon. I had the good fortune of seeing them in NYC in 1991, at the Beacon Theater, which was kind of a mixed blessing type thing, since I never got to see/hear Shane MacGowan, being as he was.. indisposed (for three months) and had to be replaced by honorary Pogue and legendary Clash frontsman, the late, great Mr. Joe Strummer, one of my heroes. While Shane's toothless mumbling is irreplaceable, it was still one of the best concerts I ever did see. If anyone has the bootleg from this show, PLEEEASE: gimmie.

Ok, so for this grand occasion, I will be featuring three bonus tracks from their first two albums, Red Roses For Me and Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. And two live recordings on the forementioned Strummer/Pogues tour, doing two Clash classics.

Without further ado, the tuneage:

- London Girl
- The Body of an American
- Wild Rover
- I Fought the Law
- London Calling


Hey all ..

I am back after the loooooooong hiatus. Thanks and apologies to those of you who visited and clicked on the long dead links.

Thanks too to Traitor Vic at the Tunamelt for his much appreciated encouragement !!!!!!!! He rocks (and he rolls)!

Ok, tomorrow, morning, i will re-beguin the beguine , just for the hell of it, cos i'm bored and i miss checking the site and thinking "wowee.. Japan ... wowee.. Finland wowee.. Lodi NJ ..." etc. And to see what happens. So, call your neighbors, wake the kids, Da H-Shit is baaack, boyeeeeeeee!!