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ok that's enough now.. Merry Christmas!

Over There

I'm on fi-ah!! More than one post on the same day! In the same week! In the same month!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what has been one of the most influential records of my life. I usually don't go for live recordings too much, cos usually it's a "you had to be there" type thing, but this is somethin' else. Originally this was only a 6 track EP. But with the release of the Slash compilation "Testament", we got 4 more tracks recorded on this same date (May 22, 1982, at the Venue in London), plus the Alvin brothers doing a Jimmy Reed cover. I just wish that I had been at this show or seen the band during this period, which I think was their peak. This ain't technically punk rock, but it's punk rock to me.


01. High School Confidential
02. What Will Lucy Do?
03. Crazy Baby
04. Got Love If You Want It
05. Rock Boppin' Baby
06. Walkin' With Mr. Lee
07. Keep a Knockin'
08. I Don't Want To
09. Go, Go, Go
10. Roll 'Em Pete
11. Take Out Some Insurance(1985)

Plus, this gives me a good opportunity to post a few good youtubes:

A funny newwavey video for "Barefoot Rock" from their first album on Rolling Rock Records

"Marie Marie" 1985

Crazy Phil talking about furniture companies:

Mellow Dave talking about the Blasters and blues:

Blood and Roses

Well, today, being today, I was going to put up the Smithereen's christmas album from last year, but, respecting Totally Fuzzy's policies as I do, instead, here are two of their best albums, from 1986 and 1988. I first heard "Blood and Roses" as it played over the credits of some long-forgotten 80's movie, and I was instantly obsessed by the solo baseline hook throughout the song.

Compact DiscSo, I bought the CD. I believe it was one of my first digital purchases, and I was awestruck by the crystal clear goodness of it all.

Anyway, "Especially For You" is a great, great pop album. "Green Thoughts", while not as good, has some amazing pop songs. Enjoy! Their latest two albums are great Beatles covers. As always, buy it/ if you /like it! (if you can)..

1 Strangers When We Meet 3:46
2 Listen to Me Girl 3:00
3 Groovy Tuesday 2:39
4 Cigarette 2:30
5 I Don't Want to Lose You 3:20
6 Time and Time Again 3:09
7 Behind the Wall of Sleep 3:23
8 In a Lonely Place 6:19
9 Blood and Roses 3:36
10 Crazy Mixed-Up Kid 2:07
11 Hand of Glory 2:45
12 Alone at Midnight 3:41
13 White Castle Blues 3:57

1 Only a Memory 3:42
2 House We Used to Live In 4:02
3 Something New 1:56
4 The World We Know 3:47
5 Especially for You 3:07
6 Drown in My Own Tears 3:11
7 Deep Black 2:56
8 Elaine 2:32
9 Spellbound 4:11
10 If the Sun Doesn't Shine 3:32
11 Green Thoughts 2:28

Here's a more recent video of this New Jersey band. Like all of us, heavier in the gut but still rockin'!!:

here is the video for the duet with Suzanne Vega from the first album:

and a good interview with Pat Dinizio

Sun Records Collection Pt. 1

Back again, in case you didn't notice (ha ha). Sorry about the breather, it's just that sometimes I just don't feel like posting, and when you do something without desire, it becomes work, and I've promised myself never to make this into work. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway, what can I say about Sun Records that you don't know already? This is the place that saw the beginning of King Elvis, the beginning of Howling Wolf, of Jerry Lee Lewis, of Johnny Cash, of Roy Orbison, of B B King. And of many others of which you've never heard, and this set is good precisely because of these "also-rans". They capture a moment in time and place where black blues and white hillbilly came together into one music. Call it rock n roll, call it what you will, but it was good. And here it is in all its raw glory, crackle and pop and all.

1. Gotta Let You Go - Louis, Joe Hill
2. Rocket 88 - Brenston, Jackie
3. B.B. Blues - King, Riley
4. Swamp Root - Floyd, Frank [1]
5. Moanin' at Midnight - Howlin' Wolf
6. How Many More Years - Howlin' Wolf
7. There's a Man in Jerusalem - Ford
8. Rats in My Kitchen - Estes, Sleepy John
9. She May Be Yours (But She Comes to See Me Sometimes) - Louis, Joe Hill
10. Baker Shop Boogie - Nix, Willie
11. Easy - Horton, Big Walter
12. Bear Cat - Phillips, Sam
13. Take a Little Chance - Burns, Sam
14. Just Walkin' in the Rain - Bragg, Johnny
15. Make Room in the Lifeboat for Me
16. Feelin' Good - Parker, Herman
17. Tiger Man (King of the Jungle) - Burns, Sam
18. Mystery Train - Parker, Junior
19. Come Back Baby - Ross, Doctor
20. Gospel Train - Traditional
21. My Kind of Carryin' On - Moore, Scotty
22. I'm Gonna Murder My Baby - Hare, Pat
23. Cotton Crop Blues - Cotton, James
1. That's All Right - Crudup, Arthur "Big
2. Good Rockin' Tonight - Brown, Roy [1]
3. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee - McGhee, Sticks
4. Turn Around - Perkins, Carl [Rock
5. Baby Let's Play House - Gunter, Arthur
6. Someday You Will Pay - Miller, Roy
7. Red Hot - Emerson, Bill
8. Lookin' for My Baby - Campbell, James [1]
9. Cry Cry Cry - Cash, Johnny
10. Sitting by My Window - Five Tinos
11. Mystery Train - Parker, Junior
12. Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing - Perkins, Carl [Rock
13. Defrost Your Heart - Cantrell, Bill
14. Folsom Prison Blues - Cash, Johnny
15. Blue Suede Shoes - Perkins, Carl [Rock
16. Honey Don't - Perkins, Carl [Rock
17. Let's Get High - Gordon, Roscoe
18. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby - Perkins, Carl [Rock
19. Rock & Roll Ruby - Cash, Johnny
20. I Walk the Line - Cash, Johnny
21. Get Rhythm - Cash, Johnny
22. Ooby Dooby - Moore, Wade
23. Red Headed Woman - Burgess, Sonny [1]
24. Dixie Fried - Perkins, Carl [Rock
25. Ubangi Stomp - Underwood, Charles
1. Crazy Arms - Mooney, Ralph
2. End of the Road - Lewis, Jerry Lee
3. Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll - Scott, Ray
4. Matchbox - Perkins, Carl [Rock
5. Down by the Riverside - Traditional
6. Devil Doll - Orbison, Roy
7. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - David, Sonny
8. So Long, I'm Gone - Orbison, Roy
9. Red Hot - Emerson, Bill
10. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache - May, Lilly
11. Raunchy - Justis, Bill
12. You Win Again - Williams, Hank [1]
13. Great Balls of Fire - Blackwell, Otis
14. Claudette - Orbison, Roy
15. Breathless - Blackwell, Otis
16. Guess Things Happen That Way - Clement, Jack
17. High School Confidential - Hargrave, Ron
18. Right Behind You Baby - Rich, Charlie
19. Jump Right Out of This Jukebox - Wheeler, Onie
20. Lovin' Up a Storm - Dixon, Luther
21. Mona Lisa - Evans, Ray
22. Lonely Weekends - Rich, Charlie
23. Who Will the Next Fool Be? - Rich, Charlie
24. Jack's Jump - Frost, Frank
25. Don't Put No Headstone on My Grave - Rich, Charlie
26. Cadillac Man - Minga, Tommy