This is Radio Joe on Private Satellite

Joe Strummer spins his favorite tracks from around the world on these U.S. rebroadcasts of 8 episodes of Joe's "London Calling" radio show he did for BBC's World Service in the late 90's. The thing i get a kick out of the most is his love for Colombian "cumbia", as seen in the above video.

Get it all, in 3 parts:

** 1 * 2 * 3 **

For the full songlist and streaming audio, check out the Public Radio Exchange page!

Quaye Redux

Hey. Long time no post, I know.

So here i am.

This was a request for a reup (from Dead Billy - check out his blog for some more Quaye tunage!), which i don't usually do, but what the hey.

This is the bonus disc that came along with Finley Quaye's "Maverick". Just 4 songs - 2 vershans of "Your Love Gets Sweeter" plus 2 more.

Enjoy it if you didn't catch it the first time round!: