Bizarro World

This was my first Wedding Present album. I bought it because I had heard "Kennedy" and "Brassneck" in the heyday of MTV's 120 Minutes show (which, despite its string of annoying hosts - most notably, Dave Kendall and Matt Pinhead .. er, I mean, Pinfield -, was really good). Not as good as Seamonsters, but definitely a great, great album. And David Gedge has a heart of gold and is supernice, so go out and get this if you likey.

1. Brassneck
2. Crushed
3. No
4. Thanks
5. Kennedy
6. What Have I Said Now?
7. Granadaland
8. Bewitched
9. Take Me!
10. Be Honest
11. Unfaithful
12. One Day This Will All Be Yours
13. It's Not Unusual
14. Brassneck [Single Version]
15. Don't Talk, Just Kiss
16. Gone
17. Box Elder

Jumpin' Sandy

This is Big Sandy's first release on Hightone Records, and my first taste of them as well. Their first album produced by Dave Alvin, this is ...

"Jumping From 6 To 6"

1.: Jumping From 6 To 6

2.: Different Girl

3.: True Blue

4.: Someone Like You

5.: When I Found You

6.: Who Tell Me Who

7.: Weary Blues From Waitin'

8.: Hi-Billy Music

9.: This Ain't A Good Time

10.: Barnyard Beatnik

11.: Honey Stick Around A While

12.: Honky Tonk Queen

13.: This Heart O' Mine

14.: Lookin' For A "Love Me" Gal

15.: Foothill Boogie

16.: Juiced

performing live on Art Fein's Poker Party: