Seeing as I get so many hits from my past live Los Lobos post (now disappeared into cyberlimbo), I thought I would humor those of you who are into these awesome musicians.

Seva FoundationThis is a charity gig from late September in San Francisco, for a real worthy cause, as one would expect, called Seva. Check it out and donate if you can and are so inclined!!

Guests include Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and some dude named Elvis:

Thanks go out to the original taper who goes by the name of RasBobre!!

I took the FLAC file and remixed the sound w SoundForge. Maybe I overdid it w the treble, but hey, I ain't no Butch Vig (nor would i wish to be, actually..).

Enjoy, WolfHeads!!:
Los Lobos w/Special Guests: 30th Anniversary Seva Foundation Benefit

Please visit Seva Foundation's website at to learn more about this great organization.

Will The Wolf Survive?
The Valley
A Matter Of Time*
The Neighborhood
Bottle Up And Go**
Baby What You Want Me To Do?***
Not Fade Away

* w/ Elvis Costello on vocals & guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar
** w/ Jack Cassady on bass, Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar, ? on guitar
*** w/ Jack Cassady on bass, Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar
**** w/ Jackson Browne on guitar.

Back to Basics

Often described as the "one-man Clash", Billy Bragg is much more than that. As much as I love "The Only Band That Matters", Billy's songs are political in a way that the Clash's songs never were, mining a much more personal and confessional vein. This record (which is actually his first two albums plus an EP on one CD), to me, has him at his best, and while it does contain some amazing protopunk-sounding tunes, for me his most affecting are songs like "A New England", "The Saturday Boy" and "A Lover Sings".

Before he was "The" Billy Bragg, he was in a band called Riff Raff. Whilst researching this post I found a nice blog with a complilation of their singles. So head on over to SOMENOISE if you want to check that out!!

  1. "The Milkman of Human Kindness"
  2. "To Have and To Have Not"
  3. "Richard"
  4. "Lovers Town Revisited"
  5. "A New England"
  6. "The Man in the Iron Mask"
  7. "The Busy Girl Buys Beauty"
  8. "It Says Here"
  9. "Love Gets Dangerous"
  10. "The Myth of Trust"
  11. "From a Vauxhall Velox"
  12. "The Saturday Boy"
  13. "Island of No Return"
  14. "St Swithin's Day"
  15. "Like Soldiers Do"
  16. "This Guitar Says Sorry"
  17. "Strange Things Happen"
  18. "A Lover Sings"
  19. "Between the Wars"
  20. "World Turned Upside Down"
  21. "Which Side are You on"

And here is a more recent song that has some great lyrics - "Waiting for the Great Leap Forward":

Lobos for Kids

Ok this one goes out to Bert! Since he's as big a Los Lobos fan as I am, here is a CD that they put out for children, featuring the spoken word narrative of one of their chicano heroes, Lalo Guerrero.

I wouldn't say it's a "proper" Lobos album, but a one-off experiment, and as such it has a couple of duds, but there's some rockin' music on it too, particularly "Buzz Buzz".



1. La Bamba - Los Lobos, Traditional
2. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
3. Wooly Bully - Los Lobos, Samudio, Domingo
4. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
5. Buzz Buzz Buzz - Los Lobos, Byrd, Robert
6. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
7. Route 90 - Los Lobos, Garlow, B.
8. Corrido for Papa Lalo - Los Lobos, Traditional
9. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
10. La Bicicleta - Los Lobos, Traditional
11. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
12. Cielito Lindo - Los Lobos, Traditional
13. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
14. La Mañanitas Alegre - Los Lobos, Traditional
15. El Pato - Los Lobos, Traditional
16. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
17. De Colores - Los Lobos, Traditional
18. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
19. Las Mañanitas Tapatias - Los Lobos, Traditional
20. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
21. La Piñata - Los Lobos, Traditional
22. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
23. La, La, La - Los Lobos, Paul, Clarence
24. La Bamba - Los Lobos, Traditional
25. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
26. Wooly Bully Banda (Reprise) - Los Lobos, Samudio, Domingo
27. (Narration) - Los Lobos