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Tinkerbell Rock

The Pixies existed in Pre-Nirvana USA, and yet they did get to taste some level of MTV style "120 Minutes" fame.

Visionaries for their tense balance of barbwire guitar lines and emotionless singing about emotional stuff, they came just before they could have Really cashed in on alternarock hip. But like Ol' Blue Eyes says, that's life.

Here, from "The Pixies at the BBC" (incidentally, just what is that picture on the cover??!!) , some songs later made (semi-) famous ...

... and a short lil Beatles cover.

- Hey
- Monkey Gone to Heaven
- Caribou
- Levitate Me
- Wave of Mutilation
- There Goes my Gun
- Wild Honey Pie

Here are the best songs From Wire's debut, 1977's "Pink Flag" (as illustrated.)

The last track ("Strange") was more famously covered by REM, "12XSU" was covered by Minor Threat, "Lowdown" by "Eleventh Dream Day", oh, and the first track, the awesome "Ex Lion Tamer", by Henry Rollins...

From: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review_1100:
When is a punk record no punk? When it's post punk? Wouldn't it have to been made after the punk years? Can a post punk record be made while the bomb for the punk explosion has not yet exploded? These questions seem stupid, but they have a purpose.

The album Pink Flag by Wire is an enigma. It was made in 1977 when
punk was just starting to explore the airwaves, yet it sounds nothing like the
material being made by it's punk brethren. Yes, this is a punk album, but not as you know it. Yes, it has the short, blazing songs, but there are also slow,
angular breaks.



- 12XU





All You Daughters and Sons Who Are Sick of Fancy Music

Loopy Mark E. Smith has gotten old! But he still keeps on pluggin' away, producing some of the most unique music out there. He is was and will be the heart and soul of The Fall, no matter the myriad personnel changes (there have been upwards of 40 (!) members).

Eventually to "influence" everyone from Pavement to Franz Ferdinand, this verbose crudmugeon has been churning it out for 30 years!

Check out the Mark E Smith speech generator version of the above text!!:

The electronic Mark E Smith says:
Loopy mark e. Smith has gotten old-ah! but
that bastard still keeps on pluggin' away, producing bloody some of the most
unique music out there. E's fuckin' were and bleeding will be the heart and soul
of the fall group, no matter the myriad bleeding personnel changes (there have
been upwards of 40 (!) members). Eventually to "influence" you lot from bleeding
pavement bleeding to franz ferdinand, this verbose crudmugeon has bloody been
churning it out for 30 years!

These songs are from "Psykick Dancehall", a 3 CD set documenting their earliest stuff, from 1977 to 1982. From Disc 1, ladies and gents, I give you, The Fall:

Diceman -

Psychomafia -

Flat of Angles -

Bingo Masters Break Out -

Psykick Dancehall -

Repetition -

And he's always got a cute babe in the band, whether his exwife Brix:

or the new singer, Elena:


This is Jonathan Richman, from his 2nd Modern Lovers record, from 1977. You might remember him from "Crazy About Mary", the dude who interludes throughout the movie w small little songs that echo the storyline from within the movie. "Jojo" writes songs that are almost embarrassingly childish and/or romantic. The Modern Lovers also featured Jerry Harrison, later to become part of the Talking Heads.

Ok, i'm not too inspired tonight, so, here are my favorite songs from this album:

- Rockin' Shopping Center
- New England
- Abominable Snowman in the Market
- Hey There, Little Insect
- Here Come the Martian Martians
- Government Center
- Roadrunner One

Moving to the Cleveland heat

Led by the irrascible Chrissie Hynde, previously a rock journalist for NME, The Pretenders (best known for songs like "Brass in Pocket" and "Back on the Chain Gang") were a grrrrrrrrrreat rock band. I never liked their post-"Learning to Crawl" work very much though. They turned into Pretenders Lite pretty damn quick.

Listening to these songs makes me wish they'd stuck to their guns and gone on to produced more of this kind of urgent fuck off RnR they were oh so very capable of belting out.

Oh well.

From their first album, the best songs:

- "The Wait",
- "Tattooed Love Boys" and
- "Precious"
, off-kilter brilliant punk, as well as

, a brilliant pop gem.

Eat your heart out, PJ Harvey!

Aht Uh Mi Hed

Shuggie Otis, born in 1957 as Johnny Otis Jr., Son of 50's RnB multiinstrumentalist Johnny Otis, was far ahead of his time. He began his recording carreer when he was just 15 years old, and in 1974, released what is considered his piece de resistance, "Inspiration Information". Featuring all self-penned, self-played (all instruments were recorded by Shuggie) compositions, this recording was the first to use an electronic beatbox as the percussion. After further recording, including some very good blues with Al Kooper, he was pretty much forgotten about for years. That all changed when Luaka Bop, David Byrne's label, re-released a compilation of tracks, from "Inspiration Information" and "Freedom Flight", in 2001.

Check out more info at this soultracks.com feature, or the brief Wiki entry. Here are, i.m.h.o., his three best tracks. Doesn't "Strawberry Letter sound like Neil Young somehow? Comment!!!:

- Aht Uh Mi Hed

- Pling!

- Strawberry Letter 23