Biting My Nails

This record is back from 1989. Again, the culprits behind my finding out about this band was mtv's 120 minutes. When I heard "Biting My Nails", not only did I identify with the lyrics (and, unfortunately, I still do bite my nails, or rather, what is left of my freakish nubs), but I dug the Mark E Smith-y vocal delivery and the poppy hooks. Their latter more clubby dub stuff is interesting too, but I wish they had done more things along this line. Oh and the name of the band itself is one of the best ever:

1. Blue Eyed Boy
2. Lucky Luke
3. On TV
4. Probably A Robbery
5. Traitor
6. Space Gladiator
7. Murder Music
8. Biting My Nails
9. Pocket Porn
10. Can't Get Used To Losing You
11. The Phantom, It's In There
12. Ozone Breakdown