The Coup

I am taking advantage of this three day weekend here in Colombia to pretend that I am a prolific audioblogger. Is it working? Ok, well..

The Coup is a way underrated hip hop group from SF that do something which is almost impossible: mix politics and bootyshakin'. After surviving a horrible accident on their tourbus which destroyed all of their equipment, they have recently signed with punk rock label "Epitaph" and released "Pick a Bigger Weapon", which is their first label deal where they'll actually be making any dough, as their past labels stole them blind (how strange), so if you like THIS CD, you should buy THAT one, because they are worth supporting. This here is their first record, "Genocide and Juice", featuring some way funny, way scathing and way funky songs. I am particularly fond of "Pimps", which trascends at a posh soirée where J. Paul Getty, Donald Trump and David Rockerfeller bust out rhymin'.

An excerpt:

Well if you're blind as Helen Keller
You could see I'm David Rockafella
So much cash up in my bathroom is a ready teller
I'm outrageous, I work in stages, like syphills
But no need for prophylactics
I am up your own, so me know wretched ain't funk
But my cream got amino acid
Keep my hoes in check no rebellions
If your ass occur shit it wouldnt be the first time
I done make a massacre, nigga please how you figure these
Motherfuckers like me got stocks bonds and securites
No impurities, straight anglo saxon
when my family got their sex on
Don't let me get my flex on, do some gangster shit
Make the army go to war for Exxon
Long as the money flow, I be making dough
Welcome to my little pimp school
How you gonna beat me at this game I make the rules
Flash a little cash make you think you got class
But you really selling ass and hoe keep off my grass
Less you cutting it, see Im running shit
Trick all y'all motherfuckas as simps
I'm just a pimp

Intro (G-Nut Talks Shit From The Gut)
Fat Cats, Bigga Fish
Pimps (Free Stylin At The Fortune 500 Club)
Takin' These
Hip 2 Tha Skeme
This One's A Girl
The Name Game
360 Degrees
Hard Concrete
Santa Rita Weekend
Repo Man

Here's "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish" live:

and a couple of other Coup vids:


  1. thanks for this bro - been looking for it a for a little while online - used to have it on tape - loved pimps and santa rita weekend - i'm a ahppy man lol !

  2. man this isnt the first one.. this the second

    the first is kill my landlord

    not being a smart ass .. just being imformative