Sing Like a Man

Jimmie Scott doesn't sing like a man, he sings like a woman, particularly in these early cuts, which he recorded for the Savoy label. The first of a 3 CD Savoy retrospective, it is a fascinating look into the early sound of this curious, heartwrenching voice. To learn more about his life and why he sounds as he does, read this in Lil' Mike's blog.

1. After I'm Gone
2. Talk Of The Town
3. Why Do You Cry?
4. Rain In My Eyes
5. Dearest Darling
6. Be My Sunshine
7. I'll Be Seeing You
8. Loneliest House On The Street
9. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
10. When Did You Leave Heaven
11. Guilty
12. Everybody Needs Somebody
13. Why Don't You Open Your Heart
14. Time On My Hands
15. Imagination
16. Very Truly Yours
17. Don't Cry, Baby
18. How Can I Go On Without You
19. Street Of Dreams
20. Someone To Watch Over Me
21. It's Over
22. I'll Never Deceive You
23. Recess In Heaven
24. Show Goes On

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