For today, I thought I would share a compilation that had a big influence on me, "wayback". I bought this CD as part of one of these 11-cds-for-99-cents deals that Columbia House had. It features some very well known songs along w some lesser known classics.

This little southern studio, product of the vibrant Memphis scene that was, unwittingly launched a revolution, in the name of Elvis Aaron Presley.

I made my pilgrimage some years ago and it was strange, being in this space, this room, where this tragedy of a man that was E. P. once stood and belted out the rockers, swooned the heartbreakers, in the middle of a poor, slowpaced, hot southern town. Incidentally, on this day, I also saw Kiss at the big pyramid shaped colysseum there, just cos the scalped tickets were cheap, and cos the Melvins were the openers. And cos I have always wanted to rock and roll all night, and party every day. Duh.

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