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In October of 2004, Mojo Magazine released this CD, of artists that influenced the Clash, a precursor of another compilation published by Trojan Records. Here, I am including the best four from this cd, IMHO - previous versions of the songs that The Only Band That Mattered covered:

EVERY LITTLE BIT HURTS: This is actually a cover of a cover, since Motown singer Brenda Holloway first did it in'64. This is the Spencer Davis Group version, sung by "Higher Love" doofus, Steve Winwood. But he's got a voice o' gold.

WRONG 'EM BOYO: Originally by 60's Jamaican ska group The Rulers

RIDE YOUR DONKEY: This is a song that was beautifully covered by Joe on "Earthquake Weather," as done by the Tennors, the originals.


And to top it all off, here are three songs from a Mr Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., better known as "Dr. John". This is from the record "Gumbo", released in 1972:

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL (Which JS plays on piano in the film "Rudeboy")

STAGGER LEE (Which in "London Calling" segways into "Wrong' Em Boyo")

JUNKO PARTNER (Covered in "Sandinista!")

I haven't been able to find any actual evidence to back me up here, but I think this album really influenced Joe Strummer, considering the lyrics and phrasing of these versions. Junko Partner is a very old New Orleans song, and Stagger Lee is even older I believe (check out the S.L. mythology) but N.O. music was not very widely distributed in the early days, so most probably JS heard it via Dr. John.

Also check out this great essay by Peter Scholtes.

and this mindblowing youtube clip:

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