Liz Phair. Once ubercool indie queen, she tried to go polished-pop, but it didn't take. Now she's on Dave Matthew's label, which is a nice midpoint between Matador and Capitol Records i suppose.

These are her casette 4 track demos that got her the Matador contract to rerecord many of the songs which would become "Exile in Guyville", which was rereleased by DM's label last summer.

(NOTE: The songs in the zip are in a different order than this list, which is how they appeared on the original casettes.)
Yo You Buddy Yup
Word To Ya Muthuh
(cassette one)

Side One

White Babies
6 Dick Pimp
Divorce Song
Go West
Don't Hold Your Breath
Johnny Sunshine

Side Two

Miss Lucy
Elvis Song
Dead Shark
One Less Thing
In Love With Yourself
Fuck Or Die

Girls! Girls! Girls!
(cassette two)

Side One

Hello Sailor
Wild Thing
Fuck and Run
Easy Target
Soap Star Joe
Ant in Alaska
Girls Girls Girls

Side Two

Polyester Bride
Miss Mary Mack
Love Song

cassette three


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