Irish Rover

I intended on posting 4 cds of bsides and rare tracks by the Pogues, to celebrate St. Patty's, but zshare wouldn't let me! So, instead, here are the boys with the Dubliners doing "Irish Rover".



  1. Juan: Este man, Ronnie Drew, el cantante de los Dubliners se murio en Agosto del año pasado...

  2. Ni sabía!! A todos nos llega nuestro día, supongo..

    Gracias por el mensajito! Miré tus blogs pero eran como proyectos para alguna clase? Vos sos bibliotecario?? Mi hermano Gabriel también. El trabaja en este momento en Iowa City.

    Bueno, me escribis si queres:


  3. Thanks for this post. I really like The Pogues and wish I could see them live. I have all their stuff on vinyl and I love pretty much all of it.
    The Joe Strummer-produced "Hell's Ditch" got terrible reviews and wasn't a commercial success---but I thought it was fantastic.
    I also recommend that fans of The Pogues check out the British band, The Men They Couldn't Hang. Check out their song, "Ghosts of Cable Street" on The song celebrates the 1936 anti-fascist riot in London.

  4. Thanks for dropping by again Marc, and doublethanks for your comment! I heard a couple MTCHang tunes wayback in the 80's and i thought they were a bit too polished compared to the Pogues, but i'll give them a listen again soon.

    Hell's Ditch is an amAzing record!! I read somewhere somebody criticizing Joe Strummer's production, blaming him for allowing Shane McGowan's mumbled singing on it, but that's one of the reasons i love it so much, like in "Summer in Siam" etc.

    I did get to see them at the Beacon in nyc, but w Joe Strummer stepping in for Shane. Bittersweet, but awesome all the same.