Black Sheets of Rain

Allright, so i am back for what is becoming my monthly post. Pathetic, I know. Sorry dudes and dudettes. Sometimes i just ain't in the mood!

But anyway..

I know "Workbook" is supposed to be Bob Mould's best solo ouvre, but this one's my favorite:

It's dark, cathartic, obsessive, loud, bitter. All good things, in my book!

I have been listening to Husker Du's Zen Arcade and Warehouse of late, and really, Grant Hart's tunes just haven't aged as well as Bob's songs. His new one is supposed to be coming out soon, so we'll see how it's sounding after the electronica a go go debacle that was his last one. It's supposed to be more guitar-rocking this time, which doesn't guarantee that it'll be good, mind you. I'm just glad he got over the clubby stage.

Not that he hasn't the right to. Like Chris Cornell, Bob is free to follow his bliss all he wants, but I'm not necessarily obliged to go there with him.

  • "Black Sheets of Rain"
  • "Stand Guard"
  • "It's Too Late"
  • "One Good Reason"
  • "Stop Your Crying"
  • "Hanging Tree"
  • "The Last Night"
  • "Hear Me Calling"
  • "Out of Your Life"
  • "Disappointed"
  • "Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace"

  • Anyway, all of this, apropos of my brother Andrés having met the man a short time ago! How jealous am I? Not one iota! The grapes were sour anyway!

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