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Ok, technical problems all sorted out now. Back at ya with one of my favorite records of all time, The Wedding Present's Seamonsters. While their earlier work was punker and their latter work was some of the best pop rock ever, this strikes a perfect balance between the two. Recorded by noizemeister Steve Albini in just 12 days somewhere in the heart of Minnesota, Seamonsters is agreat cd full of texture, feedback not-for-feedback-sake, and excruciatingly personal lyrics. I read somewhere that WP frontman David Gedge's lyrics are like phone conversations with his lover, but I would say that they are more like breakup letters. Anyway, judge for yourselves:

1. Dalliance
2. Dare
3. Suck
4. Blonde
5. Rotterdam
6. Love Nest
7. Corduroy
8. Carolyn
9. Heather
10. Octopussy
11. Niagara
12. Dan dare
13. Fleshworld

David Gedge on Steve Albini:
He's a great engineer and apparently works pretty fast.
Gedge: It's weird because people say "how does he do it?" and it's very basic really, I mean it's kind of like old school in a way in that his heroes are people like George Martin and the BBC engineers. It's basically get a band, tune the drums, tune the guitar, it's all good equipment, it's an acoustically suitable room, great microphones, well-placed and he records it, and it's like, yeah it's kind of obvious really. Why change that? People spend six hours on the snare drum sound or longer and you've kind of lost the mood of a band playing together, you know?


"Brassneck" unplugged:

"Flying Saucer":

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