Fly Rite!!

TWO POSTS in ONE same day!!! I must be sick. Maybe I'll go for broke with a third... But don't hold your breath..

This is the second by Big Sandy and his Flyrite boys. They do rockabilly and traditional hillbilly swing, complete with Bob Will's "a-haw!!"'s punctuating the instrumental breaks.

Like the first one, this cd was also produced by the Blaster's Dave Alvin, and it was recorded at Capital studios, where Gene Vincent recorded many of his classics.

Get some sawdust on the floor and cut a rug - this is
"Swingin' West"!!!

1. Let Me In There, Baby
2. Music To Her Ears
3. You Don't Matter Anymore
4. My Sinful Days Are Over
5. Parts Unknown
6. Too Late To Be True
7. Hey Muchachita
8. Why Do You Have To Torture Me?
9. Blackberry Wine
10. Murphy's Law
11. If I Wrote A Song (About Our Love Affair)
12. We Tried To Tell You
13. You Say You Don't (But You Do)
14. A Healer Like Time
15. The New Ball

Jumpin' From 6 to 6:

My Sinful Days are Over:

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