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I'm on fi-ah!! More than one post on the same day! In the same week! In the same month!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what has been one of the most influential records of my life. I usually don't go for live recordings too much, cos usually it's a "you had to be there" type thing, but this is somethin' else. Originally this was only a 6 track EP. But with the release of the Slash compilation "Testament", we got 4 more tracks recorded on this same date (May 22, 1982, at the Venue in London), plus the Alvin brothers doing a Jimmy Reed cover. I just wish that I had been at this show or seen the band during this period, which I think was their peak. This ain't technically punk rock, but it's punk rock to me.


01. High School Confidential
02. What Will Lucy Do?
03. Crazy Baby
04. Got Love If You Want It
05. Rock Boppin' Baby
06. Walkin' With Mr. Lee
07. Keep a Knockin'
08. I Don't Want To
09. Go, Go, Go
10. Roll 'Em Pete
11. Take Out Some Insurance(1985)

Plus, this gives me a good opportunity to post a few good youtubes:

A funny newwavey video for "Barefoot Rock" from their first album on Rolling Rock Records

"Marie Marie" 1985

Crazy Phil talking about furniture companies:

Mellow Dave talking about the Blasters and blues:

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