Blood and Roses

Well, today, being today, I was going to put up the Smithereen's christmas album from last year, but, respecting Totally Fuzzy's policies as I do, instead, here are two of their best albums, from 1986 and 1988. I first heard "Blood and Roses" as it played over the credits of some long-forgotten 80's movie, and I was instantly obsessed by the solo baseline hook throughout the song.

Compact DiscSo, I bought the CD. I believe it was one of my first digital purchases, and I was awestruck by the crystal clear goodness of it all.

Anyway, "Especially For You" is a great, great pop album. "Green Thoughts", while not as good, has some amazing pop songs. Enjoy! Their latest two albums are great Beatles covers. As always, buy it/ if you /like it! (if you can)..

1 Strangers When We Meet 3:46
2 Listen to Me Girl 3:00
3 Groovy Tuesday 2:39
4 Cigarette 2:30
5 I Don't Want to Lose You 3:20
6 Time and Time Again 3:09
7 Behind the Wall of Sleep 3:23
8 In a Lonely Place 6:19
9 Blood and Roses 3:36
10 Crazy Mixed-Up Kid 2:07
11 Hand of Glory 2:45
12 Alone at Midnight 3:41
13 White Castle Blues 3:57

1 Only a Memory 3:42
2 House We Used to Live In 4:02
3 Something New 1:56
4 The World We Know 3:47
5 Especially for You 3:07
6 Drown in My Own Tears 3:11
7 Deep Black 2:56
8 Elaine 2:32
9 Spellbound 4:11
10 If the Sun Doesn't Shine 3:32
11 Green Thoughts 2:28

Here's a more recent video of this New Jersey band. Like all of us, heavier in the gut but still rockin'!!:

here is the video for the duet with Suzanne Vega from the first album:

and a good interview with Pat Dinizio


  1. The download link for Green Thoughts is a loop. The file link only returns you to the file link.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Try to download again. There have been 57 downloads so far so it has to be working. Maybe your browser has some restrictions or some setup where it's making it loop? Good luck!