Seeing as I get so many hits from my past live Los Lobos post (now disappeared into cyberlimbo), I thought I would humor those of you who are into these awesome musicians.

Seva FoundationThis is a charity gig from late September in San Francisco, for a real worthy cause, as one would expect, called Seva. Check it out and donate if you can and are so inclined!!

Guests include Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and some dude named Elvis:

Thanks go out to the original taper who goes by the name of RasBobre!!

I took the FLAC file and remixed the sound w SoundForge. Maybe I overdid it w the treble, but hey, I ain't no Butch Vig (nor would i wish to be, actually..).

Enjoy, WolfHeads!!:
Los Lobos w/Special Guests: 30th Anniversary Seva Foundation Benefit

Please visit Seva Foundation's website at to learn more about this great organization.

Will The Wolf Survive?
The Valley
A Matter Of Time*
The Neighborhood
Bottle Up And Go**
Baby What You Want Me To Do?***
Not Fade Away

* w/ Elvis Costello on vocals & guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar
** w/ Jack Cassady on bass, Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar, ? on guitar
*** w/ Jack Cassady on bass, Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar
**** w/ Jackson Browne on guitar.


  1. Nice music blog - I enjoyed the visit!
    Regards, Dave.

  2. thanks juan, really appreciate it!
    kind regards.

  3. Hi, buddy, just found Vic Chesnutt's "About to Choke" here, but link is dead. Could you kindly reupload?
    Thx in advance!

  4. hey juan. its been a month. whatsup?

  5. roofish@hotmail.comDecember 30, 2008 11:09 PM

    Hi Juan,
    I found your blog fairly randomly the other day and have been quite enjoying it since. I dug right in and at some point I saw your name and realized... wait I KNOW you, from way way WAY back in the day. (before the internet was born and xerox was still king!) As I recall you contributed some really cool drawings to my crappy little Canadian punk rock fanzine, oh about '87 or so. If memory serves, you and my friend Paul even met up (possibly awkwardly) in NYC.
    Brother, I am genuinely gratified to know you are still alive!
    That being said... I saw Los Lobos a few years ago in San Diego and they ended their set with a fucking awesome cover of "Cinnamon Girl." They had like 3 guitars going and they all drop-tuned REALLY LOUD before they went into it. Got anything like that in your archives?
    Still drawing?

  6. roofish@hotmail.comDecember 30, 2008 11:15 PM

    Oh, y Feliz año nuevo, eh?

  7. Hey! I am RasBobre from California. I thank you and I am sure Los Lobos thanks you for spreading their delicious sounds. Please visit and contribute to their fan site. Lots of recording links there too.