Lobos for Kids

Ok this one goes out to Bert! Since he's as big a Los Lobos fan as I am, here is a CD that they put out for children, featuring the spoken word narrative of one of their chicano heroes, Lalo Guerrero.

I wouldn't say it's a "proper" Lobos album, but a one-off experiment, and as such it has a couple of duds, but there's some rockin' music on it too, particularly "Buzz Buzz".



1. La Bamba - Los Lobos, Traditional
2. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
3. Wooly Bully - Los Lobos, Samudio, Domingo
4. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
5. Buzz Buzz Buzz - Los Lobos, Byrd, Robert
6. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
7. Route 90 - Los Lobos, Garlow, B.
8. Corrido for Papa Lalo - Los Lobos, Traditional
9. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
10. La Bicicleta - Los Lobos, Traditional
11. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
12. Cielito Lindo - Los Lobos, Traditional
13. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
14. La Mañanitas Alegre - Los Lobos, Traditional
15. El Pato - Los Lobos, Traditional
16. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
17. De Colores - Los Lobos, Traditional
18. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
19. Las Mañanitas Tapatias - Los Lobos, Traditional
20. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
21. La Piñata - Los Lobos, Traditional
22. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
23. La, La, La - Los Lobos, Paul, Clarence
24. La Bamba - Los Lobos, Traditional
25. (Narration) - Los Lobos,
26. Wooly Bully Banda (Reprise) - Los Lobos, Samudio, Domingo
27. (Narration) - Los Lobos




  1. Hey Juan, thanks a lot!! I really appreciate this. What is remarkable is that I own a copy of this album without Lalo's narration; seems like a proper USA release, through Music For Little People. Silly innit?
    Thanks again!!

  2. Hey Bert - sorry you already had this!!!

    The intention is to post some live Lobos again soon, so keep your fingers crossed that i get off my lazy ass and do it soon!! ha ha..

    Anonymous,: A LA ORDEN!