Bizarro World

This was my first Wedding Present album. I bought it because I had heard "Kennedy" and "Brassneck" in the heyday of MTV's 120 Minutes show (which, despite its string of annoying hosts - most notably, Dave Kendall and Matt Pinhead .. er, I mean, Pinfield -, was really good). Not as good as Seamonsters, but definitely a great, great album. And David Gedge has a heart of gold and is supernice, so go out and get this if you likey.

1. Brassneck
2. Crushed
3. No
4. Thanks
5. Kennedy
6. What Have I Said Now?
7. Granadaland
8. Bewitched
9. Take Me!
10. Be Honest
11. Unfaithful
12. One Day This Will All Be Yours
13. It's Not Unusual
14. Brassneck [Single Version]
15. Don't Talk, Just Kiss
16. Gone
17. Box Elder

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  1. Many thanks! I already have the cassette, so now can listen to an excellent album once again. Andy