Slight Return

Back from a long awaited and long overdue hiatus, aka vacation.

To celebrate, a reup requested by a Mr "Tobi" of Los Lobos live and acoustic in 2005. So here you go, bud. I re-equalized it from the original FLAC files, so if you downloaded this from here before, I do believe this sounds better.
Actually as part of my vacation I was just in Chiquinquirá, mentioned on the 6th track here, "El Cuchipe", which is a traditional Colombian/andean song:

"De Chichinquirá yo vengo de pagar una promesa / Ahorita que estamos solitos dame un besito Teresa"

It's a small town in the "departamento" of Cundinamarca. The Virgin of Chichinquira is the patron virgin of Colombia, and many people still to this day make long pilgrimages to, like the song says, pay off a promise.

Los Lobos
McNear's Mystic Theatre
Petaluma, CA
March 2, 2005
(acoustic show)


01 introduction by John Skeels 01:32
02 Canto Veracruz 02:50
03 Colas 02:54
04 La Paloma 03:42
05 La Pistola y El Corazَón 04:10
06 El Cuchipe 03:41
07 Saint Behind the Glass 03:40
08 Los Ojos De Pancha 03:15
09 Porro Por Pedrito 04:21
10 Kiko and the Lavender Moonó 04:23
11 Arizona Skies 01:47


12 Borinquen Patria Mia 05:19
13 Llorona 03:44
14 Sabor a Mí 04:20
15 La Feria De Las Flores 03:24
16 Gema 05:19
17 Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir 03:47
18 Cielito Lindo (Huasteco) 03:42
19 Wreck of the Carlos Rey 05:47
20 Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio 02:45
21 How Much Can I Do? 03:39
22 Teresa 06:04
23 Guantanamera 06:05
24 --encore break-- 04:02
25 Our Last Night 03:15
26 Corazَón 03:33
27 Guajira 04:34

photo by Adam Kaufman


  1. Wow! Thank you so much. Los Lobos at their finest!

  2. Can't wait to hear this - LL acoustic! Thanks so much for the time & effort to post & re-post. Gratefully, LD

  3. "Mr Tobi" ;)January 29, 2008 9:53 AM

    thaaaaank you very much!!!
    this is just great!

    muchas gracias
    vielen dank
    grazie mille!!

  4. I hope the sound is ok. I was listening to it the other day and i thought it was a bit tinny. I will put up another better sounding concert very soon, k??

  5. Hello Juan,
    I am ashamed to admit I just dicovered your blog. great stuff! Unfortunately it is impossible to download the Los Lobos shows. Is it possible for you to "refresh" the links? Thanks!
    Kind regards,
    bert, holland