As I mentioned in the Vic Chesnutt post, I have been re-listening to some albums that I hadn't heard in more than a decade. Some have aged well and some ... not.
Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" has aged surprisingly well, while this video... hasn't. Harlequins, minotaurs and dunces - oh my!! Can you say "Low Budget"?:

For this one they actually had a real set, a bunch of dust and a big ol' fan:

And here, the video for the title track. She can do the funky chicken like it's nobody's business! Eat your heart out, JLo!!

Anyway, musically speaking, she was way ahead of her time. This was her first self-produced work. If Kate were more business savvy she could make a cheesy Broadway musical out of this and rake in the bucks, a la Yoko Ono, Bob Dylan, Mel Brooks etc. God bless her soul that she isn't.

1. Sat In Your Lap
2. There Goes A Tenner
3. Pull Out The Pin
4. Suspended In Gaffa
5. Leave It Open
6. The Dreaming
7. Night Of The Swallow
8. All The Love
9. Houdini
10. Get Out Of My House

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Saves me the trouble of ripping my own copy :)