What is BEAT?

One whole month without a post. Wowee! Sorry. Life.

Short and sweet. The English Beat. Special Beat Service.


Side one

  1. "I Confess" – 4:34
  2. "Jeanette" – 2:46
  3. "Sorry" – 2:33
  4. "Sole Salvation" – 3:05
  5. "Spar Wid Me" – 4:32
  6. "Rotating Heads" – 3:24

Side two

  1. "Save It for Later" – 3:34
  2. "She's Going" – 2:10
  3. "Pato and Roger A Go Talk" – 3:19
  4. "Sugar and Stress" – 2:57
  5. "End of the Party" – 3:32
  6. "Ackee 1 2 3" – 3:12


  1. It looks as if "life" is keeping you from blogging anymore.

    Good excuse, poor blogging.

  2. Hey Anonymous. Like Steve Martin once said, "Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!" for having a life.

    Your tsk tsk comment is snide and moot. I do not feel beholden to the blog any more than you are beholden to check it out/download goodies from it.

    There are periods I post a lot and periods I post not at all, like this one. Why? Because (shock!) I don't FEEL like it!

    I never wanted nor will allow it to become another "job" i have to stress over. When i want to post, i will do so. If you want to come back, you are welcome to do so, if not, good riddance.

    .. And anonymous flamers are SO yesterday!

  3. I will let the quoting of Steve Martin stand for what equals "SO yesterday."

    Snide-ness: You admit poor posting habits and ascribe them, whatever-ish-ly, to "Life."

    Like I said, though, "life" is a good excuse. I don't see what your problem with that remark, and the characterization of the blogging as "poor," can possibly be.

    Later. My own life.