Tears Before Bedtime

This is something interesting I found the other day. Called "Conversations With Elvis Costello", it's a 2 cd promotional edition of Elvis Costello's "Imperial Bedroom" in which he discusses each song in detail before you hear it.

This, along with his first three, is one of my favorite EC albums. As is mentioned often, it was produced by Geoff Emerick, who also worked on "Sgt. Pepper's" as well as Paul McCartney's solo stuff. Even though it does feel a bit overambitious, some might say pretentious, it is a very satisfying, varied album, and very different than the rest of his stuff. Its sensibilities are more Cole Porter than Randy Newman, I guess you could say.

Anyway, even though the chats break up the flow of the songs (which is a key component, particularly in this album), it is worth it to hear new insights and behind the scenes info.

  1. -chat- [10:05]
  2. Beyond Belief [2:37]
  3. -chat- [3:01]
  4. Tears Before Bedtime [3:00]
  5. -chat- [0:55]
  6. Shabby Doll [4:50]
  7. -chat- [2:07]
  8. The Long Honeymoon [4:16]
  9. -chat- [3:15]
  10. Man Out Of Time [5:32]
  11. -chat- [1:41]
  12. Almost Blue [2:47]
  13. -chat- [4:00]
  14. ...And In Every Home [3:27]
  15. -chat- [1:12]
  16. The Loved Ones [2:51]
  17. -chat- [0:34]
  18. Human Hands [2:48]
  19. -chat- [1:54]
  20. Kid About It [2:49]
  21. -chat- [2:39]
  22. Little Savage [2:41]
  23. -chat- [3:45]
  24. Boy With A Problem [Costello/Chris Difford] [2:12]
  25. -chat- [6:58]
  26. Pidgin English [4:06]
  27. -chat- [2:34]
  28. You Little Fool [3:13]
  29. -chat- [4:18]
  30. Town Cryer [4:22]
  31. -chat- [2:55]


  1. I had the rhino bonus discs but I had never heard about this package. Thanks something new!

  2. Hi. I appreciate the time you took to upload these rare Elvis Costello discs and I would love to download them, except... WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS 'FLAMEUPLOAD' NONSENSE? I click on the link, it takes me to a Flameupload page. I wait. I click on the Rapidshare link, it says it's redirecting me, only to take me to another (but still the same) Flameupload page. I wait again. I click on the Rapidshare link, AGAIN, and AGAIN it sends me to Flameupload! I'd really like to hear this Costello interview disc, but this cat-chasing-it's-own-tail thing is ridiculous! Isn't there a way I could get straight to Rapidshare?
    Sorry to vent, but this is frustrating.

  3. http://rapidshare.com/files/237045528/KINGCOSTELLO_A.rar


  4. No, it still doesn't work. Please re-upload. Thanks.

  5. Nick - i reupped to Mediafire:



    Let me know how it goes..

  6. Much pefer mediafire. (I couldnt work flame upload too!) Thanks for this !!

  7. Thanks! Links worked fine. Cool blog!

  8. Juan, que version tan bacana...me gusta mas que la original creo...se aprecian los acordes de la guitarra tan complejos y naturales a la vez...

  9. Los acordes son loquísimos!

    Dm9 = 100210
    E+ = XX2110
    E7 = XX0100
    Bm7-5 = 123231 (!!!!!!)
    Bflat6 = XX3333 (Bb6)
    Adim = X02210
    C#dim = XX2323

    Am Dm9 E+

    Almost blue
    Bm7-5 E7 Am
    Almost doing things we used to do
    Bm7 -5 C F
    There's a girl here and she's almost you
    E Dm
    Am Adim
    All the things that your eyes once promised
    C Bb6 A
    I see in hers too
    Dm Bm7-5 E+
    Now your eyes are red from cry - ing

    Am B7 Am
    Almost blue

    F Bm7-5 C C#dim
    Flirting with this disaster became me
    Dm Bm7-5 E
    It named me as the fool who only aimed to be

    Almost blue
    Bm7-5 E7 Am
    It's almost touching it will almost do
    Bm7-5 C F E Dm
    There's a part of me that's always true.....always
    Am Adim C Bb6 A
    Not all good things come to an end now it is only a chosen few
    Dm Bm7-5 E+
    I've seen such an unhappy cou - ple

    Almost me
    Almost you
    Almost blue

  10. "Bono always said "three chords and the truth"...E.C. seems to be more about 10 or 12 chords and a pack of lies---this is much more appealing to me." (Jay Bennett, R.I.P.)

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