Tones On Tails

Ok. First post in forever, I know. Just haven't felt like it in a long time, seeing as nobody leaves any messages (ok, with the odd random exception, and i thank you for those) so it feels like pissing into the ocean.

So, please, take a second, tell me where you are and who you are and whatever else you want to say.

Anyway, enough whining.

This is Tones on Tail, post-Bauhaus, pre-Love and Rockets and superior to both (blasphemy!). Silly, minimal industrialish pop genius. Enjoy.


1.01 Lions (3:57)
1.02 War (3:18)
1.03 Happiness (3:08)
1.04 The Never Never (Is Forever) (3:20)
1.05 Performance (4:12)
1.06 Slender Fungus (3:35)
1.07 Movement of Fear (3:51)
1.08 Real Life (5:06)
1.09 Rain (8:27)
2.01 Go! (Club Mix) (4:27)
2.02 Christian Says (3:42)
2.03 Twist (5:10)
2.04 Burning Skies (6:27)
2.05 O.K., This Is The Pops (3:03)
2.06 You, The Night And The Music (5:00)
2.07 When You're Smiling (5:47)
2.08 There's Only One (4:03)
2.09 Now We Lustre (4:29)
2.10 A Bigger Splash (4:31)
2.11 Copper (3:06)
2.12 Means of Escape (3:51)
2.13 Instrumental (3:29)
2.14 Performance (7" Version) (3:12)
2.15 Shakes (3:54)
2.16 Heartbreak Hotel (Live) / Interview With Daniel Ash (Hidden Track) (12:17)

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  1. No lo hagas por los comentarios. La gente te lee, pero nunca va a dejar comentarios. Yo los quité de mi blog desde el inicio....
    Anyway.... best regards! Take good care and keep the good work. I love this album. nice post

  2. yo man, I meant to leave a comment a while back and thank you for that Terry Allen - such an awesome CD. Very much appreciated.

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