I'm a gentle man

In the early 90's, the Afghan Whigs was (one of) THE band(s) for me. They had the punk rock at ti tude, the soul pimp swagger I never knew I admired, and their lyrics read like therapy session transcripts. True to form, the small notoriety achieved thus went to foreman Greg Dulli's head (sais I, anyhoo) and they fizzled like a humid leftover Alkaseltzer tab.

I see they're back now, but I haven't heard their new thang. Good luck to 'em! This is when I knew them best, loved them best, and whence they rocked my puny lil teenage world. Check out the Sally Mann-esque cover, too.

Enjoy. Oh, and check out John Rasmussen's much better-informed take on this disc.

1.If I Were Going


3.Be Sweet


5.When We Two Parted

6.Fountain And Fairfax

7.What Jail Is Like

8.My Curse

9.Now You Know

10.I Keep Coming Back

11.Brother Woodrow / Closing Prayer




  1. what a great album, nice choice

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