Darkness and Doubt

This is a record from 1985, by a bunch of friends from Leeds. Foreshadowing alt country by a decade, this was their 3rd album, and a comeback of sorts, having briefly disbanded after their 2nd, not very good album, recorded for Virgin records.

They are currently on their 30th anniversary tour in the UK, Spain and the U.S., so catch them if you can (because I can't!!).

Ridiculously deep, and deeply silly, these are The Mekons!!:


  1. Chivalry 04:03
  2. Trouble Down South 04:15
  3. Hard To Be Human Again 03:59
  4. Darknes And Doubt 05:14
  5. Psycho Cupid 02:52
  6. (Dancebird On The Edge Of Time)
  7. Flitcraft 03:23
  8. Country 02:54
  9. Abernant 1984/85 02:21
  10. Last Dance 03:12
  11. Lost Highway 03:02



  1. Fear and Whiskey link dead already. Shame - great post otherwise.

  2. Thanks for letting me know - I`ll try to fix it when i get home tonight!!

  3. Link fixed now, thanks again for a great post.

  4. thanks for this post. i've heard of this band countless times, but only now have i heard their music. it is terrific. the arrangements are very interesting-much more creative than any alt. country i've heard. i will catch them playing here in the u.s.- that is, if its too late. lets see: the post is from february, and now april is almost over. thanks again. if you have any other mekons recommendations i am eager to hear them. do the mekons make a living off their music?

  5. Hey anon - Thanks so much for leaving a note! Do try to see the Mekons live. I only saw them once in the 90 s in Central Park and one of the things I regret about not being in the U.S any more is being able to catch them this time round. Try to find these albums: "Honky Tonkin", "The Mekons Rock and Roll", "The curse of the Mekons", and I hear their last one, "natural" is very good, though much more acoustick-y. Do they make a living? I would think so, although a modest one. I felt ambivolous about posting this album because of that, but if it results in you or anyone buying one of their albums or going to a show to support them, it was worth it! For some really good live recordings of the Mekons, go here:

    Thanks again and keep writing,