This is Jonathan Richman, from his 2nd Modern Lovers record, from 1977. You might remember him from "Crazy About Mary", the dude who interludes throughout the movie w small little songs that echo the storyline from within the movie. "Jojo" writes songs that are almost embarrassingly childish and/or romantic. The Modern Lovers also featured Jerry Harrison, later to become part of the Talking Heads.

Ok, i'm not too inspired tonight, so, here are my favorite songs from this album:

- Rockin' Shopping Center
- New England
- Abominable Snowman in the Market
- Hey There, Little Insect
- Here Come the Martian Martians
- Government Center
- Roadrunner One

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  1. Best Damn Band God Ever Heard! He told me last week, as a matter of fact, that he wishes they'd regroup and record another one, although he realizes it would be a disappointment after all this time.

    Remember, too, that David Robinson was in The Cars! And he was, like, The Cute One!

    Heh heh... The Cute Car.